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EDCNet is an internet-based software program specifically designed for monitoring both serology and nucleic acid testing (NAT) QC results. EDCNet allows for simple collection, management and analysis of QC data in real-time. Access is free when purchasing QConnect QC samples and you can log in to EDCNet anywhere around the world, at any time.

Registered members of QConnect will receive an individualised user-name and password. The anonymity of all participants is protected by a unique laboratory code and access is password-protected. EDCNet has security systems similar to that used for internet banking, is supported by all major internet browsers and requires no software installation.

QConnect members who use EDCNet can share QC data to assess the accuracy and precision of their assays. All QConnect-labelled products are automatically set up in EDCNet and you can edit or delete data as required. There is no need to back up data in case of loss and EDCNet can be interfaced with your individual Laboratory Information System or instrumentation.

EDCNet functionality is designed for all levels of users. Basic users can set up EDCNet and walk away, having automated alerts and reports sent directly to their email address. Power users can take advantage of the advanced in-built QC analyses functions to identify and investigate trends and shifts in QC results. Customised QC reports, providing real-time review of results in a Levey-Jennings or Mean/Scatter graphical or tabular format, can be sent directly to each QConnect member by email or saved as a PDF. EDCNet can be programmed to automatically schedule the email delivery of your customised report on a weekly or monthly basis.

EDCNet also has a “network” option that allows a group of laboratories to track trends and compare QC test results across all laboratories within that network.

Activating QConnect Membership and Accessing EDCNetQConnect Requesting/Resetting Document

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