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Developing the capacity of laboratories, laboratory systems and enhancing the quality of laboratory services

NRL collaborates with partners in health systems to support laboratories in delivering accurate diagnoses facilitating better patient care.  Our three-pronged approach:

(I)       identifies areas for improvement;
(II)      responds to needs through education and training;
(III)     ensures the sustainability of improved laboratory services.

 NRL Training objectives are to:

  • deliver efficient and effective training and education programmes;
  • ensure continual improvement of laboratory quality through effective and efficient education methods;
  • develop partnerships and collaborations with laboratories and governments;
  • improve and standardise education for laboratory personnel;
  • train trainers.

We deliver training in areas of:
            Laboratory Techniques                                 Quality Management System
            Quality Control                                                 External Quality Assessment Schemes
            Test kit evaluations                                        Development of Testing Strategies


Sustainable Training, Education and Partnerships

NRL STEPs capitalises on NRL’s knowledge and expertise to develop long-term mentorships.  By working with key laboratories in countries and  aligning national and regional health strategies, our aims are to:

  • Establish, implement and promote best practice testing
  • Ensure reliable and reproducible results
  • Minimise false diagnosis
  • Reduce blood wastage and infections due to transfused blood
  • Ensure efficacious testing to conserve resources

NRL STEPs is a structured, stepwise approach to strengthening laboratory systems.  It requires the involvement of Ministries of Health (MoH) and is implemented in harmony with existing strategies for laboratory development.  Building on existing capacity, NRL STEPs provides advocacy, customised training and mentorship based on identified needs in a culturally sensitive manner.   The long-term partnerships established lead to measureable and sustainable improvements in laboratory systems, and self-sufficiency.  NRL STEPs ultimately delivers accurate test results and better patient outcomes.


NRL Training Brochure                                                                 NRL STEPs Brochure

NRL Training Brochure - (click to download and print)                NRL STEPs Brochure - (click to download and print)