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The complete package of quality assurance solutions designed to ensure the accuracy and precision of tests and testing processes

NRL sets the global standard for a range of comprehensive External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQAS), Quality Control (QC) and Specificity Monitoring programs for a range of infectious diseases.

NRL Quality Assurance Brochure 

NRL Quality Assurance Brochure - (click to download and print)


For further information regarding any NRL Quality Assurance programs or for information regarding your local distributor, please contact info@nrl.gov.au.


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NRL EQAS                                      

NRL Collaboration with  QCMD

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NRL Specificity







NRL EQAS assess the integrity of the entire testing process by assessing laboratories' testing processes and test kits used, and identifying and resolving testing problems.  Laboratories around the world join NRL EQAS through the Oneworld Accuracy International EQA Collaboration.

NRL EQAS participants receive panels that consist of a combination of positive and negative samples that would typically be received in a testing laboratory.  They may include low positive samples or samples of varying genotypes or subtypes to challenge assay sensitivity.
On completion of testing, participants report their results online via OASYS, an internet-based application.  Data are statistically analysed to assist with inter-laboratory comparisons and compiled in a final report.  The final report allows participants to compare their results with those of other participants using the same test kits, identify any problems that may exist and receive suggestions as to how the source of the problems may be rectified.

Our extensive experience and scientific methodology are applied to the design and analysis of every NRL EQAS.  Compare the EQAS from your current provider with NRL EQAS:

  • Genuine and diverse patient samples
  • Scientific and technical support to resolve problems in laboratory testing
  • A global network of laboratories in more than 50 countries
  • Programmes designed specifically for blood screening laboratories
  • Fully accredited ISO 17043:2010 provider

Further information regarding NRL EQAS can be found in the current NRL EQAS Catalogue.  To order NRL EQAS, simply download, complete and return the NRL EQAS Order Form.


2018 EQAS Catalogue

2017 Order Form

Permitted Use

  2018 EQAS Catalogue 2018 EQAS
Order Form
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NRL Collaboration with QCMD

Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics (QCMD; Glasgow, Scotland) is a leading provider of External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQAS) for clinical molecular diagnostic laboratories testing for infectious diseases.  From 2012, NRL is pleased to be able to facilitate Australian laboratories’ participation in QCMD EQAS.  NRL will act as a distribution hub for Australian laboratories.  In this way, the cost of shipping from Scotland will be reduced.  QCMD conducts over 60 different EQAS and provide these services to more than 6,000 laboratories world-wide, ensuring large peer groups for each program.  Through this collaboration, NRL and QCMD seek to offer an extended range of EQAS to molecular testing laboratories. 

We encourage laboratories to review the range of EQAS available on the QCMD website (www.qcmd.org).  Orders should be placed directly on the website. 

For further information please contact info@nrl.gov.au.

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QConnect is a completely integrated and simplified QC solution. Access everything related to QC - ordering, results and reports, QC limits, Uncertainty of Measurement reports – all streamlined in a single portal. Contact members and experts, and access a wealth of information all in one place. Don’t have time for QC? We’ve made QC easy.

To find out more about QConnect click here.


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NRL Specificity

NRL Specificity Monitoring is a program designed specifically for blood screening laboratories.  By monitoring the rate of false reactivity (specificity) of a test kit, blood wastage is reduced to ensure adequate blood supply.

Blood screening laboratories testing for HIV, HCV, HBV and HTLV collate the number of specimens screened each week, test kit and batch information, the number of initially and repeatedly reactive specimens, and the number of confirmed positive samples.  These data are submitted to NRL via EDCNet.  The initial reactor rate (IRR) and repeat reactor rate (RRR) are calculated.  The difference between the IRR and RRR is a measure of the overall laboratory or technical error.  This may be calculated for the overall results, for given test kits and even for individual batches of any test kit.

NRL Specificity Monitoring identifies problematic batches of test kits and problems within a laboratory’s testing system.  For assays that are used for large numbers of samples, e.g. blood donor testing, the rate of false reactivity (specificity) of a test kit can be monitored.  False reactivity in blood screening test kits are usually very small (<1%).  However, the accumulated data can be used to assess a test kit's ongoing performance and highlight changes which could have both financial and operational impact.



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2018 EQAS Catalogue
2018 EQAS Order Form
Extension of ToxoGM RUO QC Expiry Date
2017 EQAS Catalogue
2017 EQAS Order Form
Extension of CMVGM RUO Lot 426002 QC Expiry Date