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About Us

NRL was established in 1985 as part of the Australian Government's HIV/AIDS Strategy, to evaluate HIV tests and adjudicate on the interpretation of HIV test results.  Today, NRL remains a not-for-profit scientific organisation that exists for the benefit of the public.  Its overall goal is to support laboratories, in Australia and internationally, that perform testing for the diagnosis and management of human infectious disease.

NRL is designated a WHO Collaborating Centre for Diagnostics and Laboratory Support for HIV and AIDS and Other Blood-borne Infections.


Our Mission

To promote the quality of tests and testing for infectious diseases globally.


Our Goals

NRL seeks to ensure that laboratory results for infectious diseases are of high quality by providing:

  • comprehensive and innovative quality assurance services;
  • evaluations of tests and test algorithms;
  • specialised laboratory testing services;
  • training with sustainable outcomes;
  • consultation and advice on policy relating to laboratory testing.


Our brand

NRL released its updated brand on 1 June 2011.  The NRL brand supports our mission and sets goals to develop NRL as an internationally recognised centre for quality.  

NRL’s brand gives our staff, customers and the community a means to recognise and connect with NRL.  Our logo represents a stylised virus representing NRL’s focus on infectious diseases; the globe represents NRL’s international scope; the red spheres depict red blood corpuscles to signify the relationship with blood and blood transfusion centres.  ‘Science of Quality’ reinforces NRL’s scientific and quality-focused approach to its activities.


 NRL About Us Brochure
NRL 'About Us' Brochure  - (click to download and print)